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Sheer Luck!
July 2016
We recently bought a condominium and had the sheer luck of landing Belinda Wynn as our Real Estate Agent.

We live in Malaysia and we found the condo online. Belinda showed my Mother­In­Law the condo and she liked it, which meant we liked it, and we proceeded to negotiate the terms and sale price through Belinda. We started at $425k and through a series
of counters, we agreed on $410k and terms which we found very favorable.

Belinda had to send the documents to my email account in a special program so I could digitally ‘sign’ them. We had to pre­arrange telephone calls at strange times so that we could talk things over. When my wife and I went to Europe for the Summer, those times changed from late nights to early mornings for Belinda. We had to arrange for my Brother to have power of attorney. Belinda helped us through all of it.

Once we had closed on the house Belinda found us a renter for the house. She did that for no expected compensation. She also brought in credible and inexpensive contractors to fix the condo up to a livable standard. She did that for no expected compensation. She also had her husband go over and sweep out the garage. Also for no expected compensation. We were broke after paying for the condo but we compensated here anyway.

In all of our dealings, and despite the fact that we were a realtors worst nightmare, Belinda treated us with attentiveness, effectiveness, morality and the utmost of professionalism. If you are looking for a house, trust me, you want her to be your realtor! She absolutely gets my highest possible recommendation.
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